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At Coffee Talks we carefully select and offer products that bring ease, fun and style to your lives. Most of our products are unique and exclusively available to Coffee Talks customers only. For instance, Okka is all about Turkish coffee and is the pinnacle of its 500-years long journey. Thanks to the patented, unique technologies incorporated, Okka category comprises the most developed Turkish Coffee machines in the world.

Here you will find many beautifully designed, innovative products about Turkish Coffee. Whether you are craving for a cup of Turkish coffee with mastic, looking for a beautifully decorated coffee cup as a gift for a loved one or a state-of-the-art machine that will serve you the perfect Turkish coffee with its true taste at the push of a button, they are all here. 

Recently, the Turkish coffee scene witnessed the arrival of Pala Efendi as a new breath of fresh air. We are proud to be associated with this new brand, which was launched in continental Europe in late 2017 and now spreading fast to the UK and beyond. Soon, you will see Pala Efendi range growing with the addition of new varieties in different package sizes. 

We ship to the UK and several other European countries. We don't charge for deliveries for orders over £50 and deliver them with 1-working day courier within the UK.

Recently we have launched in the USA too! Our Okka range of products are now available for the world's biggest coffee market.

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