About Us

Coffee Talks help SMEs introduce their innovative products to developed markets. Thanks to our extensive understanding of and close ties within the distribution network in the target markets we aim to position our products at the best possible distribution channels. Our priority is to find the distribution channel that suits the characteristics of each product so that it can achieve the most of its potential.

For instance, we are passionate about coffee and we aim to provide the best Turkish coffee experience for you to enjoy in your home.

The Okka coffee machine is a result of several years’ of development by engineers and designers from around the world.  We chose it because of the great design, price and delicious drinks it produces.

Our son Ozan, explaining Okka at the 2017 London Coffee Festival

Over time we have added and aim to add more products, to our range so please keep visiting us for an expanding range of items that bring ease, fun and style to your lives.

Our business is based in the beautiful city of Bristol and was founded by Alp Somyurek, a successful Turkish/British businessman who has made this city his home for many years.

Alp also has a special bond to Okka.  He oversaw the project throughout all its development, from an idea to market launch in several countries in 2014.

Alp continues to provide consultancy services in development of Turkish Coffee preparation technologies.

Now Coffee Talks is embarking on a journey to spread this centuries’ long tradition in the UK.

We aim to bring you quality products and services.

 - Coffee Talks Ltd