Arabic Coffee Makers

Arabic coffee is an indispensable part of the millions of people living in the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula. Arabic coffee doesn’t indicate a particular type of coffee bean, but it is all about how coffee is brewed. Although this brewing method changes slightly from region to region, its core feature is the same, making it unique among coffee brewing types worldwide.

Traditionally, Arabic coffee is roasted, coarsely grinded and brewed at home, in front of the guests. The type of beans and the degree of roasting can change according to personal taste. Usually, its taste is enriched with cardamom. Sometimes, saffron is also added to introduce colour and a hint of sweetness to the coffee. Sugar is seldom added; the main features of Arabic coffee are its strength and bitterness. Other spices that might be added include ginger and cloves.

Arabic coffee is made in specially designed pots, called “dallah”. Coffee is added when water starts boiling. It can be left boiling for up to 30 minutes.

When the coffee is ready, dallah is taken off the fire and left to rest for a few minutes for the coffee grounds to settle at the bottom. Arabic coffee is not filtered and served in small, beautifully decorated cups, called “finjan”. It is usually accompanied by dates, dried fruits, sweets or nuts. Contrary to Turkish coffee, no coffee grounds should be poured into the finjan while serving Arabic coffee.