A gift from Izmir to London

London's first coffeehouse, Pasqua Rosee's Head

London's first coffeehouse was opened by Pasqua Rosee in 1652. Rosee was a Greek immigrant who came to London from Izmir. 

During his time in Izmir, Rosee was working with an English merchant named Daniel Edwards. He had learned the Turkish language and customs. Among other things, he had excelled in Turkish coffee. When Edwards decided to go back to England in 1651, he took Rosee with him.

Rosee continued to work for Edwards in London. In addition to his support in business, he was also making Turkish coffee to Edwards and his guests. Soon his coffee became so popular among the merchants of London, that his boss encouraged Rosee to open a coffeehouse nearby. 

"Pasqua Rosee's Head" was opened in London's trade centre, Cornhill in 1652. It was the first coffeehouse in the Christian world.

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